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Contract Manufacturing

PERIDOT provides many solutions, but here are a few key ones in our custom manufacturing sector:
We want to help you maximize your business and have a single point of contact within PERIDOT and our abilities. Our domestic and offshore supply chain resources and inventory management provide you an advantage by being cost effective and reducing necessary storage requirements.

Kitting & Sub-Assembly

Peridot offers comprehensive kitting, sub-assembly, and inventory management services, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. With their expertise in supply chain management, Peridot can efficiently package and kit components to streamline production processes. Their sub-assembly capabilities enable them to handle intricate tasks, simplifying the final assembly for clients. Additionally, Peridot’s inventory management solutions ensure a seamless flow of materials and reduce lead times, optimizing production efficiency. From sourcing and quality control to just-in-time delivery, Peridot’s end-to-end services guarantee cost-effective and timely solutions for businesses seeking streamlined operations and supply chain excellence.


Formed Metal

Peridot provides top-notch services in formed metal manufacturing, delivering high-quality metal components tailored to specific requirements. With their advanced forming capabilities, Peridot can efficiently shape various metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper, into intricate and complex geometries. Their skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment ensure precise and consistent results, making Peridot a preferred choice for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics. From prototyping to large-scale production, Peridot’s formed metal solutions offer exceptional performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, meeting the demands of modern engineering and design challenges.

Wire Harness

Peridot specializes in creating custom wire harnesses, catering to a wide range of applications, from small to heavy gauge wires. With their expertise in wire harness design and manufacturing, Peridot can tailor solutions to meet specific requirements and ensure optimal performance. Their team of skilled engineers and technicians carefully selects high-quality materials and employs advanced techniques to produce reliable and durable wire harnesses. Whether it’s for automotive, aerospace, or industrial applications, Peridot can handle projects of any scale, delivering precision and efficiency in every custom wire harness. By leveraging Peridot’s services, businesses can count on the seamless integration of their wire harnesses, resulting in enhanced safety and performance for their electrical systems.